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Rule of Turkey


The best part about the holidays is that, while you may spend all day cooking, the leftovers will last you for days – especially the uneaten turkey. Leftover turkey is the delicious aftermath of a wonderful feast. It’s turned into sandwiches, baked into pot pies, nuked in the microwave or just eaten plain out of the fridge. With this in mind, having too little turkey can be disastrous, but how do you choose the right amount of turkey to feed your guests without having too much (or too little) left over?

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Fall Foods for Glowing Skin

bigstock-ripe-cranberries-isolated-on-a-50562344Autumn is my favorite time of year. As pool days and flip-flops make way for bonfires and scarves, I can’t help but revel in the excitement of it all; holiday cheer, family reunions and comfort food are back again! Though bikinis and sunscreen are long behind us, caring for your skin as temperatures drop is no less important. Here are ten fall foods that will make you glow this season:


Pumpkins aren’t just great for carving. These orange beauties provide wonderful health benefits, including exfoliation, repairing sun damage and improving the texture and tone of your skin. Try a pumpkin face mask with pureed pumpkin, honey, a bit of lemon juice and vitamin E oil to give your skin a boost.
Pomegranate is a skin superfood. This fruit can help reduce acne, sun damage and fine wrinkles with its powerful antioxidants. In addition, eating pomegranate can improve your skin’s smoothness, elasticity and overall appearance. Nibble on the seeds or toss them in salads or entrees for a delicious and healthy treat.


Fresh is best! These tangy berries are packed with antioxidants and anti-inflammatory benefits. If your skin is looking grey and needs a boost, snack on raw – not canned – cranberries. Are the berries to bitter for you? Try skin products that feature cranberries, instead.

Brussels Sprouts

Your worst nightmare as a child can now be your best friend as an adult. Brussels sprouts contain high levels of collagen boosting vitamin C, and eating these veggies can give your skin a more youthful look. Try sautéing 1 pound of Brussels sprouts with raw cranberries until soft, add a dash of maple syrup and balsamic vinegar, top with blue cheese and pecans, and you’ve got a tasty, good-for-you salad!


When you think of pears, what comes to mind? If you said “vitamin C,” you’re right on the money. Pears are packed with vitamin C, which is a critical nutrient for collagen growth. And what’s the benefit of that? Firm, wrinkle-free skin, of course!
Just because we’re bundled up doesn’t mean we should forget about our skin. Include these foods into your diet to shine, no matter the season!


by Sarah G. Mason


Even if you’re normally healthy as a horse, pregnancy weakens your immune system and can make you – and the little guy inside – more susceptible to food-borne illnesses. Though the holidays are filled with merry gatherings and fancy feasts, there are a few specific foods to add to the no-no list. Here are a few tips on how to handle the holiday spread.
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From Halloween to Thanksgiving: Transform Your Decor!


by Kristy Wyatt

If you’re on a budget or just want to change up your Thanksgiving décor, old Halloween decorations are your answer. Use Halloween decorations to create a fresh Thanksgiving centerpiece, to save time and money, and to turn your boring tables and mantles into a masterpiece.

Neutral is the new…orange? Look through all of your Halloween decorations to find items that are neutral and could potentially be repurposed. Search for fall colors like gold, burgundy, green or brown within those items you already have. Halloween décor that doesn’t mention “Halloween” or that doesn’t have ghosts, witches or goblins on them can potentially be used for a Thanksgiving centerpiece.

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How To Be An Effective Business Leader (And Not Be a BLEEP!)

bookPoor leadership skills cause discord in the workplace and can negatively impact a company’s bottomline and employee morale. Often we see other people as “the problem” when we should be looking at ourselves in the mirror.

HOW NOT TO ACT LIKE AN ASSHOLE AT WORK by international business consulting expert, Melissa Davies, delivers examples and lessons on how to create a business environment where team members are able to show up with their best selves and contribute to meeting the organizational mission.

“Empathy is something that is sadly lacking at the moment – on all fronts – business, politics, society. People don’t seem able, nor choose to be able, to put themselves into each other’s shoes,” Davies states. “They just sit firmly entrenched in their corners and then hurl comments and insults at each other. We would be far better off by showing some empathy and appreciation for other’s views and situations…then we might be able to work together.”

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