1 Day Western Tour (Cai Be Floating Market – Kdl Vinh Sang)


Coming to Vinh Sang, you can join the game with a strong feeling that is a crocodile from 05 years of age and older, you can lure and crocodile yourself. This huge wild reptile animal can help you imagine a natural exploration journey of the Southern region a few hundred years ago, which is still very unspoiled “under the river to wade, on the tiger shore um” . Next you will be slapped fish catch ditches and hand-cooked grilled fish dishes by grilling, enjoying with rice paper, raw vegetables, fruits …

Moreover, you can delight in immersing yourself in the cool waters of Co Chien river in the river bathing area.


• Take a boat to visit Tien River. Cai Be floating market: The second largest concentration of trade on the Mekong An Binh Islet: The land is famous for “sweet and fresh fruit trees”.

• Vinh Sang eco-tourism area,With fun games such as Slapping ditches to catch fish, Hugo ostrich riding, crocodile fishing, dinghy…


• Morning: Car and guide pick up guests at the meeting place to depart for Vinh Long, start the 1-day Western Tour (Cai Be Floating Market – Kdl Vinh Sang), to Cai Be, you get off the train and visit the the following location:

o Cai Be floating market: See the scene of trade and exchange of goods on the river – a feature of the Western region.

o The train passes through the small canal to An Binh Islet – a famous land of fruits of Vinh Long. Enjoy seasonal fruits – fruit wine at the garden house. Continue the Western Journey 1 Day, the delegation will come to Kdl Vinh Sang.

• Noon: 12:30 lunch at the cool Ostrich restaurant right next to the lake and Co Chien river bank.

• After lunch, you will visit:

o Africa ostrich farming area: you will visit African ostriches weighing over 100kg and learn about their life and economic value.

o Glutinous and coconut candy kilns – see the process of making glutinous alcohol and coconut candy processing – try it for free.

o Next you will join some fun games in folk game areas such as cork shooting, monkey walking, throwing cans, throwing rounds, dart launchers … (not included in the tour price) ).

o Next, the delegation will join the typical game of Kdl Vinh Sang to ride Ostrich with friendly African ostriches weighing over 100 kg and we will have a very interesting feeling like “HUGO riding Ostrich “. And yet, we will continue with a game “strong feeling” that is a Crocodile with Siamese Crocodile over 5 years old and we will get the “startling” when Fish Lose the bait.

o Next, you will receive and replace the “three lady clothes” to participate in the program “Western Tour Slapping Catching Fish” you will catch the fish by yourself such as snakehead fish, catfish, Shrimps, crabs, snails are in the raceways and they are processed by grilled fish and grilled and enjoyed in the garden with rice paper, raw vegetables, fruit and some pure aromatic sticky rice.

o In addition, you can try to row the dinghy in the lake, ride Thien Nga duck, or change into a costume to become King and Queen at Vinh Sang throne (not included in the tour price). Moreover, you can delight in immersing yourself in the cool waters of Co Chien river in the river bathing area. Although river bathing is absolutely safe because the entire area is covered by a covered net, even children can participate.


• In the afternoon: 15:00 train takes you to the river. End of 1 Day Western Tour (Cai Be – Kdl Vinh Sang) of Viet Fun Travel. The car will take you back to Saigon, bid farewell and see you again.



• Car transport vehicles + sightseeing boats under the program.

•        Travel insurance.

• Standard hotel rooms.

• Sightseeing tickets under the program.

• Eat by chapter.

• Tour guide.

•        Clean water


• Personal expenses: laundry, phone …

•        Tax.

•        Drinks on meals.

• Personal expenses incurred outside the program.

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