Tour of the Venetian Region 1 Day


The tour of the coastal region of Da Lat with a 1-day time will bring you to the attractions and tranquility: Van Thanh Flower Village, coffee farm visit, cricket farm Thien An, Thac Voi, Linh An Pagoda, Cuong Hoan silk weaving factory, Bizarre house. Let’s explore the coastal area of ​​Da Lat with our company today!!!


• Van Thanh flower village.

• Coffee – Nam Ban farm.

• Diep Thien An farm.

• Elephant Falls.

• Linh An Pagoda.

• Cuong Hoan Silk Weaving Factory.

• Crazy House – Crazy House.


• 8h20 – 8h40: Coach and tour guide will pick you up at the hotel, start the Tour of the Venetian Region Tour 1 Day.

• 8h45 – 9h00: Van Thanh Flower Village – The car will take you along the village road with two flower fields built on a greenhouse model. Stop at one of the flower gardens so you can walk into each flower garden of coins, lilies, roses, carnations … sightseeing, taking pictures. You learn about germination, tree care, harvesting process and distribution of roses.

• 9:30 – 10:00: Visit coffee farm – Nam Ban town – Leaving Van Thanh flower village, down Ta Nung pass (10km), the car will stop at the most beautiful place for you to relax and take pictures of mountain forest landscape plateau. Coming to the coffee farm, you will admire the vast green coffee gardens hand-picking ripe coffee beans and learn the process of composting, nursery and taking care of coffee trees and the value of bearing plants high economic efficiency helps people escape poverty to become millionaires of the Central Highlands.

• 11h30 – 12h00: Cricket cricket Thien An (or similar facility) – Surely you will feel excited to see firsthand one of the new economic models here: raising crickets. Learn how to eat crickets and listen to crickets. After watching, you will enjoy the delicious fried crispy crickets that are very attractive and new.

• 12:30: Leaving the cricket camp – to Elephant Falls, you will encounter the rustic and dreamy beauty from the majestic Elephant Falls located under the canopy of primeval forest, you will climb over pristine cliffs, creep into cave, immerse in nature, feel cool water splashes at people from a 30m high waterfall.

• 13:00: Linh Chùan Pagoda – Visit the stately pagoda, the largest statue of Di Ma Buddha in Lam Dong province.

• 13:15: Lunch.

• 13h45: Cuong Hoan silk weaving factory (or similar factory) – Go to silk silk factory, listen to tour guide’s explanation of silkworm life cycle, see how to draw yarn from cocoons to weave great silk sheets pretty. You can choose a beautiful silk with very cheap price here.


• 14h30 – 15:00: Crazy House – Leaving Nam Ban, go back to Da Lat and take you to admire a very special house called Crazy House – a unique architectural work People’s Daily voted one of the 10 weirdest houses in the world.

• The next destination is Dalat Railway Station.

• 15h30 – 16h00: End of Tour of the Venetian Region 1 Day. Return to the hotel – Viet Fun Travel guide breaks up with you.


• Car, tour guide, lunch, sightseeing tickets for points and spring water.


• Insurance, tip, VAT and expenses incurred outside the program.


• After successful payment, please print the confirmation form and present it to the tour guide before boarding the bus.


• Pick up and see off guests at hotels located in Dalat City Center.

• Time to welcome guests at: 8.20am to 8.40am.

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