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What’s in the Wedding Forecast?

Trendcasting with Gainesville Wedding Planner, Julie Herman By Elizabeth Putfark Whether you love it or hate it, wedding season is changing. From trends in style and theme to the personal touches from the bride and groom, modern day ceremonies are stepping out and away from tradition with their unique, individualized flair. For help forecasting some of today’s biggest trends, we …

The Gift of Feedback

Tips from Insights’ Hillary Barr on how to give and receive effective feedback with aplomb. By Elizabeth Putfark How often do you offer feedback to the people you work with? If you’re in management, it might feel like you do it all the time. However for many of us, feedback is one of those things that often doesn’t feel worth …

Gators Spring Into New Era

McElwain Makes His Coaching Debut During Annual Spring Scrimmage By Mike Capshaw, Photos by Tim Casey/UAA Communications An estimated 21,000 Florida fans ushered in the Jim McElwain Era during the annual Orange & Blue Debut on April 13. The Gators won. Orange 31, Blue 6. It was the lowest announced attendance for any

Giving Back By Getting Down

Dance Marathon at the University of Florida By Elizabeth Putfark Springtime in Gainesville is marked by many things – budding blooms, heavy rains and at the University of Florida, the opportunity for students to dance, dance, dance! The annual Dance Marathon put on by Dance Marathon of UF is part of a national effort

The Beauty, the Blessing, The Joy of Being Mom

Vicki Reece on her new book The Joy of Mom and what it means to be an inspiring, empowered mother Interview by Lauren Douglass How do you capture the grace, soul and love that’s in everything parents do for their kids? America’s favorite mommy blogger, Vicki Reece has an exciting new book that aims to do just that. Through its …