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Your Guide to Sexy Arms

The days of twiggy arms are long gone, and good riddance! These arm-toning exercises beat starvation any day. Arm-intensive aerobics. You want a cardio experience that not only builds core strength, but also gets your arms pumping. Kickboxing requires you to throw punches, uppercuts and jabs, while Pilates and yoga build upper body strength. Free weights. Have fun with free …

Tricks for Troubled Sleepers

From their snoring to their constant tossing and turning, sometimes our loved ones seem determined to disrupt our sleep. Before you kick them out of bed, try these tips to give them a better night’s rest, and you peace of mind.

Fire & Ice Delays New Year’s Event

After two successful events and two years of support, the Flourish Children’s Foundation regrets to inform you that the third annual Fire & Ice Festival will be delayed a year. Location issues have come to light and, as a result, the family-oriented firework event will have to be pushed back to 2016. With this news, however, the Flourish foundation would …

Make Credit Cards Your Friends

Using credit cards can be daunting, especially if you’ve had bad experiences in the past. Debt is not always harmful, though, and using credit cards responsibly can increase your credit score while offering you many benefits. Use our tips to make your credit card your friend – not your foe! Pay the Full Balance Credit card law number one: pay that …

First Jobs: True Tales of Bad Bosses, Quirky Coworkers, Big Breaks, and Small Paychecks

Wise, hilarious and heartfelt, Merritt Watt’s First Jobs brings you detailed looks at famous and not-so famous individuals during some of the least glamourous moments in their lives – on the clock at their very first jobs. Writer and reporter Watts collected stories from 50 individuals of every class, creed and profession about their earliest taste of the adult world.