60 Second Prep for Anything!

By Elizabeth Putfark

business confidenceYou’ve been running behind all day and now it’s time for your big meeting. You know if you charge in now you’ll come across as a disheveled mess, but it’s too late to reschedule. So what do you do?

Believe in the One Minute Rule

Everyone has one minute to spare, no matter how high up they are on the company food chain. Taking a sixty second pause before you launch into an important conversation can improve your composure and poise tenfold without significant imposition.


Take several long, deep breaths, letting your chest rise and expand with air. Your shoulders will go back and your overall posture improve, making you appear larger and more in control as you enter the room.

Get a lift

If your hair is down, give it a gentle toss over your head and back again. Your roots will tingle, making you feel more awake, while your hair’s volume instantly multiplies.

Pinch those cheeks

Using your forefinger and thumb, gently pinch the skin along your cheekbones to bring color to your face. As you pluck the skin, keep a three beat rhythm and repeat in your mind: “I. Love. Me. I. Love. Me!”


It’s easy to see past a forced smile, so before you enter the room, think of something that genuinely brings you joy. Let that warmth and happiness fill you up and mold your visage into an authentic smile.

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