7 Little Ways to Make Selling Your Home Easier


by Kristy Wyatt


Selling a home can be a difficult process. To make sure your home is ready for selling, check out these seven easy little ways to spruce up, renovate, revamp and refresh.

Improve the bathroom

Whether you have lots of money in the budget for a bathroom renovation, or can only afford new paint and accessories, any kind of improvement to this room will get your home sold faster and easier. Before any home showings or open houses, meticulously clean the bathrooms, making sure that no mold or mildew is visible, and then add new accessories or new paint to really make the room stand out. Other ideas are to replace old or outdated hardware like faucets and fixtures, and install new door handles and knobs, or even a new light fixture.

Update your kitchen

Other than bathrooms, the kitchen is one of the most looked-at rooms by buyers, and therefore one of the most important rooms to update. If your kitchen needs a larger renovation and the budget allows for it, bring in a professional to do it properly, and you will definitely see a return on the investment. Don’t have the need or the budget for a pricey renovation? No problem; you can do smaller updates such as refinishing your cabinets, changing out old accessories for new ones (curtains, towels, bowls, etc.), or maybe even purchasing a new kitchen table and chairs to refresh the room.

Lay down new flooring

Buyers love hardwood floors. Do you have outdated or stained carpeting in your home? If so, visit a home improvement store and invest in wood flooring in areas like hallways, living-rooms, dens and home offices, and keep soft carpet in the bedrooms. If you don’t have the money for real hardwood or tile flooring, check out the many laminate options that are available that are much more affordable.

Less is definitely more!

Go through your home and decide which rooms are too busy, have too many knickknacks or accessories, and then pare them down. If you are going to be painting any walls in your home for potential buyers, make sure you use neutral colors and just a few colorful items such as throw pillows and candles.

Use candles to make your home smell delicious

Yummy or clean-smelling scents are a popular trend in candles, and using these in your home during an open house is a great way to impress potential buyers. Favored scents to use for open houses are vanilla, apple cinnamon, cookies and clean laundry for that fresh aroma.

Revamp your home’s curb appeal

One of the first things a buyer will see is the outside of your home; make sure it’s neat, pretty and immaculate before you put out that For Sale sign in your yard. Mow, trim the edges along sidewalks or stepping stones, prune any bushes, trees or shrubs and consider giving the house a new coat of paint. Another idea: Purchase shutters for windows, which gives a finished, cozy feel.

Finish repairs before buyers see the house

Damaged or broken door knobs, cracks in the wall, peeling wallpaper and other small yet noticeable fixes need to be dealt with before any buyers come into your home. For larger repairs like cracked concrete (on porches or walkways), mold, damaged walls or ceiling and warped windowsills, bring in a professional to fix them.


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