Cirque du Soleil: La Nouba

npMpCDfRk2L5VSfSzbNFKH71FUiig9KpPx1sVuorNKs,erieN-GF8EExTnrB68mcR434pARjY1u41-TFDIMdD5Y,0bF0DBaVbQBlNzO78lYbDuyrJxowlZcdmVzJVZVADJU,pbl8KYKt8VsK4NKU8gBxFt1JmoL_kU8beYEdeDa1yKgAerial ballerinas dressed in fine silk; high wire walkers performing death defying maneuvers; trapeze artists synchronized far above stage; visit Disney Orlando’s Cirque du Soleil and experience the excitement, amazement and wonder only La Nouba can conjure.

La Nouba combines the fantastic world of circus artist and that of fantasy Urbains, mixing light and dark, playful and serious, colorful and grey to create a performance like no other. When these two opposite forces meet, the bright magic of one sets fire to the other and a beautiful act is born.

The magic begins as you walk through the doors into the theater, the first ever freestanding permanent structure built for Cirque du Soleil. The 1,671-seat auditorium is more than just chairs and a stage. At 152-feet tall, the structure includes over 1,700 audio cables and 1,200 lighting fixtures, along with unique architecture that makes the scenery as much a performer as the artists. As funambulists, dancers, tumblers, jugglers, clowns, actors and vocalists move around, the lighting and music mirrors their aura, blending their tricks into the very heart of the stage.

Behind the scenes, the La Nouba cast works hard to keep the thrill of the show alive and thriving. On top of doing 10 shows a week, this 67-member team holds weekly rehearsals to stay in tiptop shape. One-third of the cast is original to the show, and one cast member in particular, the trapeze artist Alexander Danilchenko, hasn’t missed a single performance since La Nouba’s inception in 1998.

La Nouba is more than just a circus attraction. This spectacular show invokes the imagination, provokes the senses and evokes emotion. As you watch the amazing stunts, you’ll feel a part of the act itself, transported into a world of fantastical costumes, bright colors and awe-inspiring passion and talent. The live music is provocative and each character has a story, from the lovable Cleaning Lady, to the flightless Green Bird, to the solitary Titan.

To experience the enchantment of Cirque du Soleil’s La Nouba, visit and order your tickets today!

More La Nouba fun facts:

•  La Nouba comes from the French phrase “faire la nouba,” which means to party.

•  There are 1,730 audio cables inside the theater – if placed end to end they would span 865,000 feet or 164 miles.

•  The cast of La Nouba represents 14 countries, and the average age of a cast member is 33.

•  The wardrobe department handles over 3,000 costumes and 26 loads of laundry every day, and most of the artists wear three different costumes per show.

•  The PowerTrack and Trampoline performance is fast paced – you see 394 flips and 62 twists in just under eight minutes!

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