Create Your Own Terrarium

Screen Shot 2014-01-29 at 3.46.54 PMby Kat Freestone

Clothing isn’t the only thing that goes in and out of style. When it comes to home décor, we see fads and fashions that are worthy of the runway. From vintage furniture to DIY wine candles to ombre everything, our home styles mimic our changing likes and the shifting seasons. It’s no wonder, then, that home terrariums have caught on like wild fire. These pretty displays are a great way to bring the summer indoors, and their low-maintenance nature fits perfectly into our fast-paced lifestyles!

Pick Your Plants

Terrariums can be either wet or dry, so pick your plants accordingly. Desert succulents like aloe and echeveria are great picks for first-time gardeners. Choose different plants with unique qualities to really jazz up your display.

Create the Base

It’s important to line the bottom of your large glass terrarium bowl with the correct, plant-appropriate materials. For a dry terrarium with cacti and succulents, use sand as your base. For a wet terrarium with plants that need water, like ferns, skip the sand and start with a layer of rocks.

Screen Shot 2014-01-29 at 3.48.57 PMAdd Your Soil

Your soils should be deep enough to fully submerge the roots of your plants. Create uneven layers of sand and soil for a touch of interest.

Position Your Plants

Arrange your plants around the bowl in order of largest to smallest. Lightly pack the soil and be sure not to overplant! Consider the negative space for other landscaping opportunities like moss, dried flowers or small figurines.

Take Care

Keep terrariums in bright sunlight. For dry bowls, add a bit of moisture with a dropper once every two weeks or so. Wet terrariums hardly need any care at all, but can benefit from a light misting when the soil looks dry.

And voilà! Building your very own terrarium is just that simple. Happy planting!



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