Discover New Family Fun at “Dinosaur Explore”

OpeningDay_2016 (76)Looking for a day trip your whole family will enjoy?

Discover it at Dinosaur Explore – Wild Adventures’ newest attraction.

OpeningDay_2016 (2)For a limited time, the zoological theme park is playing host to a herd of 20 dinosaurs towering up to two-stories tall. From a plant-eating Brachiosaurus to a ferocious Allosaurus, a winged Pteranodon to a three-horned Triceratops, and of course King of Dinosaurs, the T-Rex, you’ll encounter these and many more scientifically accurate species nestled along winding paths through a fully redesigned area of the park.

Half-way along the journey you’ll find Camp Dino, an interactive play, dig and learn site for kids and grown-ups alike. Keep an eye out for the Dinosaur Keeper and his roving T-Rex and Raptor; they swing through every few hours for exciting educational showcases and photos.

The Mesozoic Era at Wild Adventures is only around for a season, so get there while dino-fever is still alive and well!

In addition to the prehistoric parade, you’ll find plenty of other attractions new and old to enjoy within Wild Adventures at large.

Meet newly added South American capybaras, alpacas and rheas on the Safari Train, or walk on the wild side with exotic snakes, frogs, lizards and salamanders in the recently constructed reptile house. Play life-sized games like Checkers and Memory, then stop by Lakeside Theater for one of two new shows – a safari magic show, and “GATORS!”

Add a roster of 15 concerts from superstars like Martina McBride, Montgomery Gentry and
Emerson Drive, and you know this is a season you don’t want to miss.

“We have gone all out this year to make sure we are bringing great value and a lot of new fun to our guests,” said Wild Adventures General Manager Molly Deese.

OpeningDay_2016 (18)

Located just an hour and a half north of Gainesville, Wild Adventures has long been a favorite destination for north Florida families. No matter the season, your wild bunch can enjoy twisting roller coasters, Tasmanian River Rapids, an old fashioned carousel, Century wheel and much more –everything you’d expect from a top theme park in addition to the zoological displays.

So forget spending another weekend searching around for things to do. Turn off the television; mute your phones. And go back – way back! – in time for a family adventure you won’t soon forget.

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