Fire & Ice Delays New Year’s Event

DSC_9751After two successful events and two years of support, the Flourish Children’s Foundation regrets to inform you that the third annual Fire & Ice Festival will be delayed a year. Location issues have come to light and, as a result, the family-oriented firework event will have to be pushed back to 2016.

With this news, however, the Flourish foundation would like to thank all the sponsors, volunteers and team members that have contributed to the previous years Fire & Ice events. Without their support, Fire & Ice wouldn’t have been the memory-making success that it was for two years in a row.

Fire & Ice will return in 2016. We are already working to secure a location.  After having parted ways with the YMCA,  the YMCA has chosen to host their own New Years Eve event, however, Fire & Ice and the Flourish Children’s Foundation do not have any affiliation with the YMCA or their event.   The 3rd installment of Fire & Ice will be in 2016!  Hope to see everyone there!

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