First Jobs: True Tales of Bad Bosses, Quirky Coworkers, Big Breaks, and Small Paychecks

The cover of "First Jobs."Wise, hilarious and heartfelt, Merritt Watt’s First Jobs brings you detailed looks at famous and not-so famous individuals during some of the least glamourous moments in their lives – on the clock at their very first jobs.

Writer and reporter Watts collected stories from 50 individuals of every class, creed and profession about their earliest taste of the adult world.

Each short chapter is named after the title its hero or heroine assumed, motivated often by the simple need of a paycheck. From “The Starstruck Salesgirl” and “The Farmstand Prodigy,” to “The Corrupt Carny” and “The Very Personal Assistant,” Watts presents a veritable smorgasbord of entry-level positions that are all unique, and yet in some ways all the same.

The lessons gleaned in each story aren’t necessarily about working hard, climbing the ladder or even losing our industry innocence. Instead, as Watts explains in her introduction, “it is about awkward beginnings, painful endings, embarrassing moments, epic failures, public humiliations, secret achievements, amazing bosses, and early rebellions,” and the way they all work together to be “worth way more than all those early paychecks combined.”

So whether you need a gift for someone just entering the job market, or perhaps a little perspective for yourself, you’re likely to find it in First Jobs.

Available at major retailers and merrittwatts. 

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