Fitness Gear

by Sarah G. Mason


4.northfloridabasketballScreen Shot 2013-04-26 at 11.24.50 AM

Trademark University of North Florida with Mascot image
Ultra cotton comfort for the softest feel against your skin. The University of North Florida crewneck T-shirt features a seamless collar for added comfort. Made from 100% cotton.

Royal blue Property of Santa Fe Basketball 2013 $31.99




An alternative earbud attachment that can be utilized while listening to music safely in environments where it’s necessary for be aware of your surroundings. Use them while you’re running, hiking, skiing, biking, working out or just walking. $15.95


3. Gaiam Yoga Socks

Gaiam Yoga Socks
Put your entire sole into your yoga practice! Now you don’t even need your mat to get into those favorite poses. The five-toe targeted traction design of these socks gives you a non-slip surface anytime, anywhere, to increase balance and stability. All Grip. No Slip.



1. Power Up Yoga

Rodney Yee Power Up Yoga
A combination of cardio and strength-focused yoga practices from renowned yogi Rodney Yee. This total fitness based approach to yoga emphasizes strength and flexibility and is designed to increase one’s overall fitness level. $14.98


2. Yoga Real Beauty DVD 4_13

Maya Fiennes Yoga for Real Beauty
A fun, uplifting and inspirational visit routine is designed to stimulate all of the chakras, your body’s energy centers, in order to achieve happiness and harmony. Following the Kundalini practice, Maya Fiennes
uses powerful motions, chanting and breathing to help you create and welcome beauty into your life. $14.98


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