From Halloween to Thanksgiving: Transform Your Decor!


by Kristy Wyatt

If you’re on a budget or just want to change up your Thanksgiving décor, old Halloween decorations are your answer. Use Halloween decorations to create a fresh Thanksgiving centerpiece, to save time and money, and to turn your boring tables and mantles into a masterpiece.

Neutral is the new…orange? Look through all of your Halloween decorations to find items that are neutral and could potentially be repurposed. Search for fall colors like gold, burgundy, green or brown within those items you already have. Halloween décor that doesn’t mention “Halloween” or that doesn’t have ghosts, witches or goblins on them can potentially be used for a Thanksgiving centerpiece.

Don’t throw out that pumpkin! As long as your Halloween pumpkin is still in good condition, use it for a tablescape, on the mantle or a coffee table vignette. Surround it with faux fall foliage, insert a candle and scatter a few faux acorns around and you have the perfect Thanksgiving centerpiece.

Save those gauze cobwebs. Save that filmy gauze you used to decorate your porch or entryway and put it to another good use; simply wad it up and place in a clear glass bowl or hurricane candle-holder to use as a filler. Then place autumn items inside like acorns, faux fall leaves, tree branches, pussy-willow branches, fall flowers like mums or mini gourds.

Hit the hay (bales). Use those hay bales you put out in your yard to scare the neighbors by taking out the Halloween decorations and replace with mums, pumpkins and gourds instead.

Remake your scarecrow. No, don’t try re-stuffing it! Just use fall décor items like apples, dried grasses, leaves or a pretty fall leaf garland to make it more fall-inspired and less spooky.

Stuff your witch’s hat. Stuff it with pumpkins, gourds, fall leaves and fruit. Make sure you place tissue paper or newspaper into the tip to retain its shape, and then let your imagination run wild with the many harvest items you can plan inside as a makeshift cornucopia.

Bubble and boil – re-use your witch’s cauldron! A black cauldron can not only hold dry ice for your Halloween party, it can also hold mums, small gourds, pumpkins, fall leave and nuts to become a pretty Thanksgiving centerpiece for a mantle or side table. To make it stand out even more, wrap autumn-inspired ribbon around it and either tie in a bow or use hot glue to secure it to the cauldron.

If all else fails, hit the Halloween sales. If you just don’t have many Halloween decorations to use for your Thanksgiving décor, hit the after Halloween sales that most stores have and pick up some really cheap items to use in your Thanksgiving decorating. Look for autumn colors, faux hay bales, glass pumpkins, mini gourds, gauze cobwebs, witch’s hats and cauldrons, and neutral nature pieces.


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