Get Your Body Healthy AND Beach Ready!

Beach at Panama City, Panama City Beach, Florida – Holiday Inn ResortIt’s officially spring and warm weather is here. What better time to start working on that beach body you’ve been craving? You can make significant changes to your appearance in a mere four weeks with the right diet, enough exercise and a little pampering, too!

Shape Up Your Diet

Do you reward your hard work at the gym with a chocolate chip cookie? If so, then it’s time to rethink your weight loss strategy. Losing weight is 70 to 80 percent diet and 20 to 30 percent exercise, meaning that post-workout cookie isn’t your best choice. Start by talking to your doctor about which diet plan is right for you and most importantly, stick to it! Stay away from fad diets, which may work for a week or two but won’t sustain you in the long-run. Cut out processed foods and added sugar and opt for the healthier option of vegetables, nuts, legumes, lean meats and healthy grains. Craving something sweet? Reach for fresh fruit!

Get Sweaty

Exercising regularly is vital to maintaining a healthy, happy weight. While many folks don’t like to sweat, you’ll need to push yourself to get your body into beach mode. It’s important to find activities that work for you and your lifestyle; if you don’t enjoy them, you won’t stick with them. Not sure what heart-pumping activity is right for you? Try them all! Sign up for yoga or cycling, or bring the hubby along for weight lifting or kickboxing. A good mix of exercise is optimal for the best results.Feeling great and in shape

Pamper Yourself

A few days before you plan to hit the beach, treat yourself to a pedicure or a facial. When you treat yourself like royalty, you’ll gain confidence about your body. For additional pampering, consider a wax for your trickier spots to get beach-body perfect. Visit a local spa or do it yourself!

Moisturize and Protect

Throughout the year, skin tends to get dry and flaky – something no one wants while bearing their bikini body. Even if your weekend beach trip is several weeks away, start moisturizing now. More importantly, don’t underestimate the power of sunscreen. Although tanning can give you a great glow, be sure to do it safely by reapplying sunscreen and wearing a hat to protect your face. Sunburn doesn’t look good on anyone!

As you’re making healthy changes, just remember that trying to achieve the “perfect” body isn’t a realistic goal. Don’t stress. This season is bound to be a blast, so relax, enjoy the beautiful days and learn to love your body as it is. ~by Katie Moss



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