Getting the Real Behind the Real Housewives of Miami with Lisa Hochstein

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Lisa chats with me about what it’s like behind the scenes, how she deals with criticism and what her introduction to reality TV fame has been like.

How do you feel about seeing yourself on the show?
At first it freaked me out. I’m not gonna lie, but now I’m definitely embracing it.

How does it feel being recognized on the street?
It’s kind of weird because some people don’t have any problem coming up to me and saying, “Hey, I love your show.” Then there are other ones who I can tell are whispering, staring or trying to secretly take pictures with their phone. It’s interesting to be someone that people are recognizing. I really love all of the fans because they’re the ones who are helping our show become a success. A lot of people are saying this one, Miami, is their favorite in the whole franchise.

How does it feel with cameras following your every move?
You never not know that they’re there. I mean people say they completely forget the cameras are there but that’s just not true. You just have to go throughout the day as if they weren’t. You definitely are aware, but it’s not as intimidating as it is in the first week of filming.

How was the casting process?

They were obviously looking for new women who fit the housewives. They were asking around and many people knew us or had mentioned our names. Since our names came up a bunch of times, of course, that sparked their interest, and that’s how I got involved. There were a few (casting) interviews because, of course, they wanted to make sure they’re finding the right person. These guys are the best of the best, and they know how to twist things up and make it interesting, so they definitely were thorough.

How involved are the producers in the story lines and recap interviews?

Everything’s completely organic, but yeah, they ask questions. We just say what’s on our mind.

What surprised you the most about filming?

Just how much filming we did. I didn’t expect it to be so much, and it kind of consumed my life.

How does it feel to relive events that happened months ago but are new to the viewers?

I think it was in February that we started to film. Now, we have to look at everything again. It opens up the vaults of the memories and of the feelings that were happening then. You also get to look back and see what was really going on. Exactly what was happening and what was going on when you weren’t there to witness for yourself. Sometimes you see something that was said about you that you didn’t like.

Did you have any second thoughts about putting so much of yourself out in the public view?

I did because of the whole thing with my fertility. When we were chosen to do it, although I was very excited, I was second-guessing it because of that. But it’s been interesting because I feel like there are a lot of other women who are going through the same thing. I feel like I’m not so alone because I’ve had so much outreach from all of the fans.

What was the hardest thing about filming?

I think it was talking about my struggles with fertility. That was difficult. It just happened to be at a time that we were filming. It is a part of my life. That’s what me and my husband are going through right now.

Are you worried about what kind of affect the show’s going to have on your marriage?

I’m not because my husband and I have a very strong marriage and a very strong bond. Nothing could break it.

How else has the show changed your life?

It really helped toughen me up, helped me grow and be more assertive. Everything’s a learning experience and this is no exception.

Do you read the negative comments that people say about you?

I for sure see them. I don’t see all of them because there are so many, and I couldn’t possibly have time to sit there and read every single blog. But I do see them on occasion and when people tweet me, which is crazy! It’s fine if you do it, just don’t directly message me on Twitter.

I appreciate constructive criticism and I appreciate peoples’ opinions. I know we open ourselves up to criticism, but when it’s really nasty, uncalled for and full of hate, that’s where I stop reading.

What is Andy Cohen like in real life?

Andy is amazing; he’s one of the most likable people on TV and I’m sure most people would agree with me. He’s very fair, very neutral, and he asks the right questions but does it with such finesse. He’s a great host, but he’s also great behind the scenes, helping with everything to do with Bravo and The Housewives.

Have you filmed the reunion show and are you nervous about it?

We’ll be filming it after everything is said and done – after we see all of the episodes. No, I’m not nervous at all, because I’ve already lived through everything and seen what I have to see. I’m not intimidated by any of these ladies, so nobody’s going to scare me.

Who do you get along with on the show?

I’m one of the few in all the franchises, I think, that tends to get along with everyone they meet. During the filming of the show, me, Joanna and Karent were closest. Since [the filming] stopped, I’ve also become closer with Adriana. I’m adding her to the list. Me and Lea butt heads at the beginning. Now we’re starting to understand each other, and maybe we’re a little more alike than we thought, which is nice. I’m not close with all of them for sure. I don’t know what will happen next season.

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