Give Your Home Decor a Facelift This Spring

Is your home feeling the blues?
Is it ready for a bit of a facelift?
Then maybe it’s time for a Spring mini-makeover with a splash of bold gold and a dash of pick-me-up pink (two of the hot colors for 2016). Executing a home makeover may sound overwhelming and expensive, but with a little creativity it doesn’t have to be. There are so many ways you can spruce up your dwellings that only require a little work, a few bucks and an open mind. If you’re not sure where to start and makeovers aren’t your forte, we’ve got the inspiration you need. Before you start, make sure to set your budget and think about how you want the room to feel when you’re done. Here are some of the easiest ways to redecorate on a dime:

Rearrange the Furniture—it may sound a little too simplistic but you’d be surprised to find your worn out living room looking like a totally different space just by shifting your furniture around. Go online for a little inspiration and move your pieces to unexpected places. There are no real rules here, go with what feels good to you. One idea worth exploring is to try an angular layout, it will add some additional dimension to your room and often gives the space a much better flow.  This goes for artwork too, just because that print of the Eiffel Tower started out hanging above the fireplace, doesn’t mean it needs to stay there forever.  Experiment!
Color Changes—if your main accent colors are looking a little 2006, maybe it’s time to check out the new color predictions for 2016. Just by switching out a few simple pieces to more modern colors and textures, your room will have a totally different look and feel. Think geometric designed pillows, a fur throw for the sofa, a bold rug or an eclectic centerpiece for the coffee table.
Bring the Outdoors In—plants and flowers can really brighten up a room and add a breath of fresh air and you can change them with the season.  Just envision a vase of tulips on your entry way table, it changes the entire mood of the space.
Refresh with Paint—nothing really beats a new paint color. A bland room can become a vibrant sanctuary with a daring new shade. Take a photo of the space and upload to website like Benjamin Moor or Sherwin Williams where you can get an idea of what your room will look like in the different colors that interest you. You can also buy small samples of most colors at home improvement stores to try out on your wall before you commit to the entire room. To give the room warmth, try a color besides beige or white.
Window Treatments & Bedding—create a whole new bedroom retreat with new curtains and a duvet. As these items can be fairly pricey, so get creative and check out the discount stores. You’ll find gorgeous quality and designer fabrics for a fraction of the original retail price. Think outside the box and pick-up fabric shower curtains. It’s a much less expensive way to update your windows with great designs!
Mix & Match Your Styles—if your overall theme has been traditional, change it up with some contemporary pieces. If modern is your thing, throw in a few rustic touches. Not everything needs to be of the same style.  In fact, rooms are a lot more interesting if there’s a mix of styles.
Mirror, Mirror on the Wall—a simple mirror, especially a large one, can open up a room and make it appear twice the size. You’ll most likely get sticker shock if you head to your nearest home furnishings store to select one, so grab an old frame, paint it and have a small custom shop install the mirror for you for much less.
Create Themed Displays—try a few photos from a trip in interesting frames with a couple of souvenirs like a vase of shells or maybe a cup and saucer from your grandma’s china collection along with a photo of you and your Grandma.  A unique way to decorate in a more personal way.
Invest in Hardware—replacing an old, dated knob or pull dramatically changes the furniture piece. This works well on kitchen and bathroom cabinets as well. Check out online discount sites for interesting styles at reduced prices. .
• Make Old Furniture Look New—there’s no need to run out and buy new furniture pieces. Use what you have and give it an update. The options are limitless! A coat of paint in a standout shade like chartreuse green, lapis blue or lemon yellow transforms an entire room. Check out paint techniques like chalk painting, faux finishes and distressing.
Go with the Season—just like we like to change our wardrobe when we go from one season to another, we suggest you do the same with your home.  Easy ways to do this without spending a fortune include ideas like adding candles for fall and winter, fresh flowers throughout the house in the spring. Rugs, pillows and throws are three effective ways to freshen up a room as they all come in fun patterns, colors, and textures and can be easily changed out.
Decorate with Photos—a personal way to spruce up your home decor is though your own photos, trips, family members, kids activities, change out your photos regularly to better reflect your current life (not the one you had 10 years ago).  Photos are one of those accessories that make a house YOUR home. Whether you use them as table top decor or dedicate a special wall, they can really liven up a room.
Books, Books and More Books—books are not just for reading.  Do you collect books of a certain genre like history or art, stack them up and create an interesting side table, just a few books stacked on a table or shelf adds height where you need it and an opportunity to showcase a special souvenir, photo or candle.  Books covers displayed on a wall ledge are a fun way to dress up a wall and can make a creative statement about you and your favorite interests, hobbies.
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