Hidden Stress Triggers and How To Avoid Them

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Some causes of stress are easy to pinpoint. If you’re dealing with a crumbling relationship, facing a financial crisis or simply have too much
on your plate, the reason for your stress is all too clear.

Unfortunately, stress triggers aren’t always so obvious. Often, we dismiss the little things that give us angst, but small stressors can add up quickly. Instead of dismissing the minor stressors in our lives, it’s imperative to address them face-on. 

A Messy Living Space 

If you’re living with a partner or kids who don’t seem to be as mess-conscious as you are, it can build some serious frustration. So what’s a frazzled mom, roommate or partner to do? Don’t let others off the hook so easily. Gather your roommate or family and tell them what’s bothering you. Then, suggest a specific time each night where everyone helps with a quick cleanup.

You Can’t Find Quiet 

Are you a busy mom who can never seem to find alone time? Quiet time is imperative for keeping one’s peace of mind, and you should strive to carve out this time every day. Whether it involves waking up a few minutes early and having a quiet house to yourself or simply slipping in the shower for some stress-busting cleansing, make a point to be alone.

You’re Simply Too Busy 

Feel like your to-do list is simply overwhelming? Does even the smallest hiccup during the day throw your schedule completely off-track? Everyone needs breathing room; things don’t always go as planned. Ask for help when you feel like you’ve taken on too much – Dad can take a turn picking up the kids from school and running to the grocery, for instance. Also, don’t be afraid to cut things out. Reevaluate your schedule and decide what activities you can do without. 

You’re Starving 

Are you currently on a calorie-counting binge in hopes of losing weight? Eating too few calories each day can leave you tired and cranky. Instead of starving yourself and counting calories, focus on making healthy choices. Choosing fresh fruits, vegetables, fish and whole grains will keep you feeling full and ready to tackle the day.

You Feel Like No One’s Listening 

How many times a day do you have to repeat yourself? When you feel like no one’s listening, it can cause some serious frustration. For repeat offenders, make a point to gain their full attention before speaking. You can even say, “I have something important I want to talk to you about, do you have a minute to listen?” If you still feel like you aren’t being heard, say so! Often, a quick discussion is all it takes to call attention to your needs and to help you earn a listening ear.

Take a deep breath. What in your life causes you stress? It’s important to combat these issues, not to continue putting them off. It will definitely pay off in the long-run.

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