Inexpensive Ideas for Valentine’s Day


By Kirsten Nielsen


Valentine’s Day doesn’t have to mean red roses and a fancy dinner out; in fact, that romantic dinner often turns sour when you’re crammed into a busy restaurant with 100 other couples with the same idea!

If you’re looking for something different this year, try one of our inexpensive ideas for a romantic night with your loved one.

Recreate your first date. Bring back that first date giddiness by recreating the first night you went out together.

Cook at home. Instead of feeling stifled at a restaurant, laugh and flirt your way through a meal at home. Since no one has to drive, you can break out that nice bottle of wine you’ve been saving!

Exchange Handmade Vouchers. A chance to be personal and creative, these handmade vouchers can be anything from a massage, a chore your partner hates to do or a one-time free reign over the movie choice.

Game Night. Stay at home and break out some board games; winner gets a massage or something sweet!

Bar Excursion. Rather than s
itting down at one expensive restaurant, bar hop your way through the city sampling appetizers and drinks. Along with being cheaper, this lets you experience many spots you’ve probably never had the chance to go to before!

Romantic Movie at Home. Snuggle up on the couch, make some popcorn and pop in a classic romantic movie (or one that has some special meaning to you two).

Go Outdoors. Pack a dinner, build a fire by the lake and enjoy the serenity and the breathtaking stars.

Celebrate After. If you’re dying to have that fancy dinner, push your plans to the weekend after Valentine’s Day to enjoy a cheaper and less hectic night out.

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