Keeping Your Fitness Routine Fresh

TreadmillRemoving Yourself from the ‘Rut’

We’ve all been there. You’re doing a great job keeping up with your New Year’s fitness resolution, or you’re simply right on track with your standard fitness program, and then it happens. You fall into a ‘rut.’ Whether you’re simply bored with your routine, lack the drive/energy to keep going, or you can no longer find the time to fit your exercise plan into your day, every woman has times when she gets fed up with fitness. So, the question is, how do you mix up your routine to keep it fresh and stay motivated? After all, the best way to get results is by keeping your body guessing! Here are some fantastic tips to do just that:


Pump Up the Volume

Who doesn’t love a good workout music mix? Grab your iPod and add some new favorites. You may not have switched it up for a while, and a listening to your favorite song during a workout is a great way to turn up the energy fast!

Try Something New

Always wanted to take a Zumba® or kickboxing class, but haven’t gotten up the courage to attend one? Grab a friend and go at it! High-energy group fitness classes are exactly what some fitness buffs need to keep their mojo going, and bringing a friend provides even further inspiration! If you figure out it’s not your thing, at least you tried, right?

Put on Your Fancy Pants

Or top, or sports bra. Of course, maybe “fancy” isn’t the right word, but you get the picture. Wear something that makes you feel great about yourself. An extra burst of confidence can give you the drive to go the distance.

Create Friendly Competition

Team up with a buddy once a week or so on a recurring day and write it in your planner! Your commitment to your friend means you’re less likely to flake out and that you might even be inspired to work a little harder. To up the competitiveness, make fitness bets with your buddy, as in, “whoever does the most pushups covers lunch!”

Switch Your Routine

It sounds simple, and it is. Gather ideas online, in fitness journals, or from your gym’s personal trainer. Simple changes can range from switching up how long you do each weight training or cardio activity, to targeting new areas of your body, to creating an entirely new plan. You should be switching up your strength training routine about every eight weeks. You can even simply add extra rate and reduce your reps. Contrary to popular opinion, this won’t cause you to bulk up!

Grab a Heart Rate Monitor

Warning: These little machines can get quite addictive! A good heart rate monitor can be purchased online or in your local sporting goods store for about $100. Though cheaper versions are certainly available, the best start around this price and measure how hard your heart is working and how many calories you’re actually burning. In other words, a heart rate monitor can take the guesswork out of working out!

Pick a Different Time

If you’re a late riser, you may often be tempted to skip your mid-afternoon workout on the days you’re swamped at work or simply too tired to hit the gym. Why not try an early morning workout for a few days? It may be a bit difficult to adjust a first, but after a while, you might learn to enjoy the burst of energy you’ll achieve at the start of each morning, and you won’t have to worry about getting caught up in other activities and missing your workout. You will have already taken care of it early in the day!

Whatever you decide to do to spice up your routine, hold yourself accountable.  Try keeping a notebook of what you’ve done (or tweet, or “check in,” etc.) and what you’d like to accomplish in the future. If you feel like that’s too much work, simply set personal goals and be mindful of how you’d like to gradually reach them. Even thinking about reaching these goals can help motivate you to be successful in doing so!

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