Laugh Away the V-Day Blues

Beautiful girl in a Valentine's Day with a heart on a stick.If you call February 14th “Single’s Awareness Day,” you might be in search of alternative ways to celebrate this year.

Find new ideas for future revelry (and unbeatable on-screen company in the meantime) by tuning into these Valentine’s Day episodes from your favorite TV comedies. They’re guaranteed to be filled with more fun and fewer calories than a giant heart-shaped box of chocolates!

“Be My Valentine, Charlie Brown,” Peanuts. Share the woes of single life with Charlie Brown, who doesn’t get any Valentines at all in this holiday special. But hey, who can stay down in the dumps with Snoopy around?

“The One with the Candy Hearts,” Friends. Join Monica, Rachel and Phoebe in a “bad luck in love” bonfire that will give any single sister the solidarity she needs. Plus, when you watch Chandler wander back into Janice’s arms, you’ll remember exactly why you shouldn’t be texting with your ex!

“Galentine’s Day,” Parks and Recreation. Leslie Knope takes the sting out of Valentine’s Day by upstaging it the day before with a holiday of her own. “Galentine’s Day” is a day devoted to ladies celebrating other ladies, regardless of relationship status.

“Anna Howard Shaw Day,” 30 Rock. You may know February 14th as Valentine’s Day, but why not celebrate like Liz Lemon by honoring famed American suffragette, Anna Howard Shaw? Of course, you might want to skip the rest of Lemon’s anti-Valentine’s Day festivities (which include a root canal and hallucinations of Jon Bon Jovi).

“Ruskie Business,” Veronica Mars. Enjoy a throwback within a throwback in this classic episode, where Veronica works on three cases simultaneously all against the backdrop of an 80’s themed Valentine’s Day dance.


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