Many Uses Mason Jars

by Danielle Boudreau

Mason jars are all the rage. They are inexpensive and have so many adorable uses. Here are just a few of my favorites; enjoy and get crafting!

mj-cupJar Cups

Cut a small hole into the lid of your mason jar and use a colorful straw as an accent. Give your cup the finishing touch with a cute hemp twine bow. Fill with pink lemonade for a refreshing treat on a hot summer day.

mj-herb-gardenHerb Garden

Grow your favorite herbs in a mason jar. Use chalkboard paint and chalk to label each jar. You’ll have fresh basil, thyme and rosemary in no time!


mj-storageMason Jar Storage

Line up multiple mason jars with toiletries, pantry items or craft supplies. Hang your mason jars by attaching pipe clamps to a wooden plank.




Use two parts glue, one part dish soap and the  food coloring of your choice to paint a light glaze on your mason jar and give it some color. You can also decorate with hemp or ribbon of your choice.



mj-memoryMason Memory Jars

Just as you would a shadowbox, fill a large mason jar with your favorite memories from a specific event or time.



mj-sewingSewing Kit

Remove the middle part of your mason jar lid and insert a pin cushion in its place. Use the jar to store sewing supplies.



mj-giftMason Jar Gifts

Use a mason jar for creative gift-giving. Layer a bread or cake mix, make a homemade bath soak or put together a manicure kit as a gift!



mj-candleFloating Candle Jar

Keep it simple and tie a straw bow around your mason jar. Use a tealight, water and glass beads to make your floating candle. This is also a beautiful centerpiece for a vintage-wedding look.




Use spray adhesive to glue a paper or a cloth doily to your mason jar. Place a tea light inside for a romantic look. Adorn with burlap, twine, ribbon or buttons.



mj-terrariumTerrarium Jar

Put your terrarium together using potting soil, sheet moss, decorations, stones and other decorative materials. This is a perfect craft to enjoy with the kids.








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