Poor Pour: Attention all wine lovers!

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The journal of Substance Use & Misuse recently found that people unknowingly pour themselves 12 percent more when using a wider glass. In addition, we tend to pour more when we’re holding the glass in our hands rather than setting it on the table. These misjudgments stem from our perception of volume – people tend to focus on vertical amounts, so we think we’ve got less in our glass when we use a wide cup instead of a tall one.

So, how to tell how much to pour without whipping out the measuring cup? 

Never fill a wine glass beyond its widest point, and err for less when using a fat red wine vessel. Also, be wary of color. We tend to pour more when serving white wine because it seems less “solid,” which can make volume perception difficult. Overall, listen to your body. Pay attention to the signs and resolve to put the glass down when you know you’ve had enough.

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