Quick Tips to Jumpstart Your Metabolism

NdqOfnFgn68WbY0TKNwSl3aE8AoQTZAcm1djmRSucPIBy Sarah G. Mason

Who wouldn’t love to burn extra calories while lounging on the sofa? All it takes is a little metabolic nudge and you can! Give your metabolism a boost by adding these simple daily habits to your routine.

Eat breakfast within one hour of waking 

to jumpstart your metabolism. Be sure to choose foods high in fiber and protein, like eggs and berries.

Park at the back of the parking lot 

at work and then take the stairs – not the elevator. These small steps will elevate your heart rate, even after you’ve settled into your office, boosting your overall metabolism.

Trying to lose weight? 

Don’t starve yourself. Gone are the days of 1,000 calorie diets – cutting calories significantly will only do your metabolism harm.

Go ahead and graze. 

Snacking throughout the day can help you curb hunger and eat fewer overall calories – just be sure to keep snacks around 300 calories each.

Pour a cup of coffee with cream, no sugar. 

Studies show that caffeine slightly boosts your metabolic rate, as long as you stay away from sweet creamers – the extra carbs will negate your efforts.

Interval Training

Next time you hit the gym, take advantage of interval training – bursts of high-intensity followed by short breaks of low-intensity. No matter whether you’re running, swimming or walking, you’ll consume more oxygen and make your body work harder to burn energy. 

Add salmon, herring and tuna 

to tonight’s dinner menu to get your omega-3s. Omega-3s balance blood sugar and reduce inflammation, helping your body regulate metabolism.

Hit the weights 

Yes, you too ladies! Muscle uses more energy than fat, even while resting. The more muscle you have, the faster your metabolism will be. 

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