Quiz: Are you ready for a dog?

Mother and daughters in park with dog smilingby Kat Freestone


Whether you’ve grown up around dogs or you’re a potential first-time pet owner, the leap to dog ownership is a big one. If you’re wondering whether you’re ready to add a pup to your life, take this quiz to find out.



1) Are you planning on having a baby within your dog’s life?
a) Yes
b) No
c) I’m not sure

2) Does everyone in your family want a dog?
a) No
b) Yes
c) I’m not sure

3) How old are your children?
a) I have a child younger than 8 years old
b) I don’t have kids
c) All of my children are 8 and older

4) Where will your dog spend the day while you’re at work?
a) In the crate
b) With me, I’m home most days
c) Indoors or in the yard

5) Who will be your dog’s primary caretaker?
a) My children
b) Me
c) My partner

6) If you rent, do you have permission from your landlord to own an animal?
a) Not yet
b) I own my home
c) Yes

7) Can you tolerate damage to your possessions until your dog is trained?
a) No, which is why I’m adopting an adult dog
b) I don’t mind
c) I won’t like it, but I’ll manage

8) How much are you willing to spend on your dog each year?
a) $500 to $800
b) $800 to $1,200
c) $1,200 to $1,800

9) How often do you travel, either for work or pleasure?
a) Several times per year
b) Almost never
c) Infrequently, mostly during the holidays







If you answered mostly A:

Looks like you may need to do a bit more thinking before you bring a furry friend home. Remember, a dog is a serious commitment that needs time, money and of course, lots of love. Assess your current life situation and ask yourself, “Is this the right time in my life to become a dog owner? Am I financially able to care for a dog? Do I understand the full spectrum of responsibilities that a new dog will bring?” Only once you feel comfortable with these answers should you reconsider bringing a new pooch home.

If you answered mostly B:

Congratulations! You’re ready for pet ownership. You and your family understand the responsibilities and
can dedicate the time and attention a new dog will need.

If you answered mostly C:

You’re almost there! In many cases, you’re ready to bring a dog home, but there are still a few kinks to work out. Before you take the big leap, make sure that you and your family are all on the same page when it comes to caring for your new dog. Work out a daily doggie schedule, plan ahead for vacation days and make sure to do your research to choose the right dog for you.


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