Skip the Snorkel! See the Sea Clear with Snorkelboard®

With spring in the air and summer right around the corner, there isn’t a better time to stock up on some water-ready accouterment.

See above and below the water line with the Snorkelboard®, a personal body board fully equipped with embedded anti-fog goggles and fit for the whole family!

With excellent flotation, stability, and ease of paddling, the Snorkelboard® enjoys a smooth entry line for maximum glide style. No longer will you have to worry about your mask filling up with water, blocking your view with fog or pressing up against the bridge of your nose.

Forget the frustrating days of re-breathing spent air left in your snorkel tube or interrupting your experience to equalize because, with the Snorkelboard®, your head never touches the water!

This all-in-one thin, sleek design allows for easy storage and leaves carrying heavy equipment in the dust! Available in a wide range of designs and colours, your “at-the-beach-riding-waves-look-at-me” Snorkelboard® experience can be as personalized as you want.


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