Soothe Your Skin This Spring


Do you suffer from psoriasis? Eczema? Stressed Skin? It’s time to de-stress with Haile Village Spa & Salon’s intensive calming facial and body treatments.

Neurodermatitis, psoriasis, dry skin and unpleasant itching are instantly soothed and reduced with Haile Village Spa & Salon’s Doctor Babor Neuro-Sensitive skincare line. They offer facial and body services as well as soothing take-home products to help treat dermatitis.

The Doctor Babor Neuro-Sensitive line regenerates your skin’s protective lipid layer, restores the moisture balance and significantly reduces your skin’s risk of bacterial irritations. As a result, your skin’s natural defenses are effectively strengthened, unpleasant itching is calmed and redness is reduced – with lasting results! The Neuro-Sensitive line will help your skin recover faster and reduce feelings of tightness in dry and irritated skin.

Your nerve endings have special molecules that are able to send or receive nerve signals and translate them into information. If your skin is extremely dry or hyper-sensitive, an imbalance between transmitters and receptors occur, which can cause too many nerve signals to fire without enough receptors to react. As a result, the skin becomes irritated and red. The Doctor Babor Neuro-Sensitive product line contains Neuroxyl, which desensitizes these nerve endings, instantly soothes unpleasant itching and reduces redness. Neuroxyl also redresses the balance between nerve signals and receptors by increasing the amount of receptors.

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Another main ingredient in Doctor Babor’s skincare line is Microsilver. This powerful component discharges silver-ions and neutralizes the bacteria on the skin’s surface by blocking enzymes and destroying the bacteria’s membrane. As a result, irritations are reduced.

Dry and hyper-sensitive skin has a weak and fragile lipid barrier, usually caused by a lack of essential fatty acids. These fatty acids, or ceramides, are responsible for making the skin layer ‘impervious.’ If the amount of ceramides isn’t high enough, external irritants and bacteria can penetrate into the skin.

The Neuro-Sensitive skincare line includes a power-packed ingredient called Gamma-Linolenic acid, which reverses these negative affects by restoring the lipid barriers and activating the skin’s own ceramide production.

To try these services or take home products, come to the picturesque Haile Village Center, located in Haile Plantation just West of Butler Plaza in Gainesville at 5207 SW 91st Terrace. We are open 7 days a week to accommodate your busy schedule!

Please call (352) 335 5025 to schedule your appointment today, or come in to sample of these amazing MedSpa quality products!

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