Sun & Water Fun Safety Tips for Summer

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Most of us look forward to summer vacation all year long, and many families spend much of their time outdoors picnicking at the park, biking, hiking, camping and enjoying time at the beach or pool. It’s important to talk about safety and set guidelines that will ensure everyone has a great time! These easy tips will keep your tots safe and healthy while on summer vacation.

Protect skin. 

Your baby’s perfect skin is a natural target for the sun’s intense rays, so cover them up and keep them out of direct sunshine. For little ones, use a SnoozeShade to create complete coverage over your stroller. SnoozeShade blocks up to 97.5 percent of the sun’s UV rays and keeps your baby safe and comfortable. If your child is older, apply 50+ sunscreen and dress them in a sun shirt and add a hat when they are not in the water. Re-apply sunscreen multiple times throughout the day when they have been swimming or sweating.

Take breaks. 

Plan for your child to take frequent breaks from the heat, sun and water. Break time should include snacks and drinks, preferably water. Dehydration settles in quickly and could result in sun or heat sickness. Schedule times for you and your little ones to sit in the shade, re-apply sunscreen, have a snack and drink plenty of water. Keep an eye on their cheeks; if they start to look flushed, it’s time to get out of the sun.

Avoid the strongest hours of the day. 

The sun is strongest between 10 a.m. and 4 p.m. Avoid having your baby in direct sunlight during those hours of the day.

Protect eyes. 

Use sunglasses to protect babies’ eyes. A baby who constantly has the sun in their eyes will be fussy and risks eye injury, so purchase a pair of sunglasses with a strap. Position your child throughout the day to keep them from sitting in direct sunlight. Encourage older children to wear sunglasses when they aren’t in the water. They won’t have to squint as much, and will be able to play outside longer.

Be attentive. 

Never turn your back on your child in the water. It doesn’t matter how good of a swimmer your child is or how shallow the water; accidents happen. If you cannot tend to all of your children, bring a sitter, friend or relative with you. If your child cannot swim at all, you should be in the water with them. If they are swimmers, be near the edge. Even in a pool where there are lifeguards watching, you should be the primary eyes on your child.

Follow the rules.  

Make sure your child knows the pool and beach rules. Help them understand where they can dive and where they shouldn’t, how to stand in lines for diving boards and where the deep water begins. Set boundaries for where they can and cannot go. Show them the bathroom and where your stuff is. Set a meeting place should they lose sight of you.

Use lifejackets. 

Always make sure your kids wear a certified lifejacket when boating or swimming. Don’t trust inflatables to be lifesaving devices. Inner tubes, water wings and other blow up items are toys and not intended to be used for life saving measures.

About Kelly McConnell and SnoozeShade Deluxe

Kelly McConnell is CEO at Prince Lionheart, makers of SnoozeShade Plus Deluxe sun and sleep shades for strollers and car seats. For the past 40 years, Prince Lionheart has specialized in products for babies and toddlers with a collection that includes nursery and feeding needs, travel and safety products and amazing play items. The line of products not only has a modern, chic appeal but are also quality-made. Snoozeshade was created so babies can find rest in a shaded place and keep their delicate skin safe from the sun, pests and other weather elements. SnoozeShade Plus Deluxe for strollers fits all three and four-wheeled single strollers and joggers. For more information, visit

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