The Way of WayofGray: Building A Health-Focused Community

SophieWhyteFull-300What started as a simple Instagram page focused on self-development, quickly grew into an entire community. The focus: a like-minded group of health enthusiasts working to reach common ground.

WayofGray works to cut through the gray areas of health and wellness and make healthy living sustainable for everyone. Whether you are looking for a killer workout, delicious recipe, or a pick me up, WayofGray has you covered with programs featuring full-length exercise videos and nutritional guides with seven-day meal plans.

With expansion and the future in her sights, Sophie has her sights set on YouTube with a series health and wellness clips that take a “real girl” approach to one’s well-being.

Sophie sits down with Flourish to discuss the vast possibilities before her, her challenges along the way and what makes WayofGray so unique.

Can you tell us a little about how you came to be inspired to start WayofGray?

Way of Gray started as my modeling portfolio, but it quickly turned into so much more. While modeling, I adopted some unhealthy habits surrounding food and exercise. As I worked through them, I realized that a lot of women struggle with the same issues – and no one was talking about it. I wanted to create a place that simplified healthy living and empowered women to work through these struggles, and that’s what Way of Gray turned into it!

Copy of Sophie2-115How do you describe WayofGray to those that are unfamiliar with it?

Way of Gray is a healthy lifestyle brand. It’s about making sustainable, life long changes – not quick fixes or fad diets. It’s about falling in love with who you are and showing your body the respect that it deserves. Through our programs, and diet guides, we’re making healthy living approachable, sustainable and enjoyable!

What have been some of the most important lessons you have learned since starting?

I have really learned the power of ones’ desire to connect. We’re all going through similar struggles, and through Way of Gray, I want to create a space where people know they’re not alone!

What makes WayofGray stand out against the vast exercise/ well-being industry?

I love unhealthy food, and laying on my couch – and I’m not afraid to talk about it. I am not a gym rat or the cleanest eater, I’m just trying my best and actually enjoying myself. Quite often this industry makes people feel inadequate because they’re not able to go to the gym 7 days a week or eat only vegetables. But through Way of Gray I make it very clear that you can succeed with this lifestyle without sacrificing your regular schedule!

What has surprised you most about blog writing? 

I had no idea how many people just wanted someone to talk to. It’s incredible, but also a huge responsibility because I genuinely do view myself as a friend to all of my amazing following, and I want to be able to help. It’s my main focus to be able to come up with ways I can better help my following!

Copy of WayofGrayKitchen-272

What challenges have you faced in starting?

For me, I was extremely fortunate when starting Way of Gray that I didn’t face any external challenges, just personal ones. I think it’s easy for people to doubt themselves, especially when it involves giving advice to someone else. I would never label myself as an “expert” on anything, and I never want people to expect that of me. I’m just trying to show “my way” of living a healthy lifestyle!

What are a few of the plans you have in the future for where you want to take WayofGray? 

SophieNov2015-160Within the month of January, I’m releasing two large projects and the future of Way of Gray. In December I released a trial run of the “Lovestyle Box” and it sold out within 50 minutes. The box is a collection of my favourite health and wellness projects. I am launching a monthly subscription for the box in the next couple of weeks. Along side the box, and under the Lovestyle brand, I am launching a new blog. This blog is focused on empowering women to fall in love with themselves and breaking down the walls social media puts up. I am extremely excited for these projects and the ones that follow under the Lovestyle brand!

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