Throw Him a Bone


by Sarah G. Mason


We all know the dos and don’ts when it comes to sneaking your pet a snack under the Thanksgiving table: bones are bad, fat is worse and chocolate can kill. You’d love to split the feast with your furry friend, but what foods are safe to share?

Pocket Pets

Pets like gerbils, hamsters, rats and birds can have a small treat on occasion, though you might find that they tend to like pet treats better. If you’re going to include them in the feast, stick to fruits and vegetables like cooked sweet potatoes and cranberries – two Thanksgiving staples.

Man’s Best Friend

While it may be tempting to throw your dog a bone, L.A. Animal Services warns against it; turkey bones are brittle and may snap in your dog’s mouth or worse – in their intestines. If you can’t resist those begging eyes, don’t fret; skinless, boneless, cooked turkey is a great treat for most dogs.

Feline Friends

Dogs and mice aren’t the only pets who want in on the fun. If you want to give your cat a special treat this holiday season, try pureeing turkey with sweet potatoes or pumpkin and adding it to their regular food. If you have leftover turkey giblets, you can also boil them for a tasty kitty treat.

One Sick Dog

Mealtime isn’t a free-for-all for all of our furry friends; if your pet is on a restricted diet or doesn’t handle new food well, pick out a new toy for them to gnaw on instead. Remember, no matter how hard they beg and whine, it’s better to keep them safe and healthy than to risk illness over a little Thanksgiving treat.


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