To the Movies


By Kat Freestone

Buy Tickets In Advance

Instead of waiting in line with eager, impatient kids, buy your tickets online in advance. This way, you’ll bypass the crowd and – more importantly – ensure that tickets don’t sell out.

All About Timing

Avoid scheduling a visit to the movies late at night or during your child’s naptime – both of these are a recipe for disaster. Instead, it’s best to plan to go an hour or two before naptime when your child is already settling down but not yet cranky.

Pack Snacks

Grapes, sliced apples and pretzels are easy, hassle-free snacks that will keep little fingers busy while the movie is running. Whatever snacks you choose, make sure they’re easily managed in the dark.

Bring a Jacket

Movie theatres are known for being cold, so make sure everyone brings an extra layer to keep warm and cozy! In addition, consider bringing a pillow for a bit of extra comfort.

Avoid Snack Bar Tantrum

To avoid begging and potential tears, talk to your kids beforehand about whether or not they’re allowed sweets from the snack bar. If the answer is no, steer clear of the counter and head straight to your movie to avoid temptation.

Bathroom Trips Beforehand

Take the kids to the bathroom before the movie starts – even if they don’t feel like they have to go – to make sure everyone’s still comfortable an hour in!

Take a Break

If your kids are fussy, fidgety or just plain cranky, take them outside for a short break. Let them run a (quiet) lap along the theatre hallway to get the wiggles out. Most importantly, don’t feel forced to stay. If your children aren’t enjoying the movie, no matter the reason, pack on up and head home. 

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