Tricks for Troubled Sleepers

Screen shot 2015-11-30 at 3.59.01 PMFrom their snoring to their constant tossing and turning, sometimes our loved ones seem determined to disrupt our sleep. Before you kick them out of bed, try these tips to give them a better night’s rest, and you peace of mind.

For Snoring
• Nasal strips: a tried and true method, nasal strips work to lift and open nasal passages
• Change your pillows: allergens in your bedroom and pillows could be contributing to snoring.
• White noise machine: these machines can help cancel out the noise of snoring, so it won’t bother you when it happens

For Restless Legs:
• Bigger mattress: while it might not be the cheapest option, a bigger bed gives you more space between each other so you won’t feel the movement so acutely.
• Memory foam: a foam or latex mattress pad can reduce motion transfer, so you don’t feel the tossing and turning of your partner.

For Light Sleepers:
• White noise machine: beyond snoring, these machines also cancel out noises from cars, neighbors and activity in other rooms.
• Black out curtains: these curtains create a dark space in your bedroom, reducing early morning light or passing car lights that can disrupt your sleep
• Turn down the AC: studies have shown that people sleep better in cool spaces.

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