Try Something New for Two

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Forget dinner and a movie. Here are a few great date alternatives that will unleash your inner adventurer.

Rock Climbing

Strap up and hold on tight! There’s nothing like trying something new, especially when that something pushes you way out of your comfort zone. Rock climbing is a great way to get fit while spending time with that special someone – plus, you’re sure to have a few great stores by the time you’re finished!

Cooking Class

We all know the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach, so why not join together for some cooking fun? This weekend, skip the restaurant dinner and opt for the homemade kind. You can master your favorite dish or try something new.

BYOB Painting Class

We hope this fad sticks around for a long, long while. Explore your creative side with a glass of wine as you follow the teacher’s instructions and paint your next masterpiece. No artistic skill required – in fact, the less you have, the more you’ll laugh!

Charity Walk or Run

There’s something rewarding about helping others, especially when you do it together. Grab your date and sign up for a 5k for your favorite local charity. Then crawl, walk or run your way to the finish.

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