Worried About Too Much TV?

ikXtLJ5rf_uszWjR1kgkZfN8e_cH1c0tNG5w_2afjEMBy Kristy Watt

On average, American children watch between three and six hours of TV every day – that’s a whopping 20 percent increase since 2003, according to a Nielsen Company report. To give you an idea, the American Academy of Pediatrics recommends that children limit their television intake to just one or two hours a day – that’s a huge jump!

If you, like most parents, are concerned about the amount of television your child watches each day, here are five ways to cut back on TV time.

Family First

Make meals a no-TV affair. To start, let your child know that dinner is a time for family to come together, talk about your days and keep the television turned off. Not only will this reduce your child’s TV time, but it will bring the family closer together.

TV Timer

Buy a kitchen timer to set a TV time limit. Let your child know how much television they can watch after dinner or before bed and set the timer accordingly. This way, you won’t be the villain, the timer will be!

Distraction Days

Replace television with a more suitable activity, such as coloring, board games or outside playtime. It’s easy to turn your child’s attention away from TV when there are other exciting adventures awaiting them. This way, they won’t even miss it!

Reading Rocks

Reading works wonders; it’s one of the most important and essential activities any child can learn to love. Not only does reading teach children about new words, show them exciting worlds and help with communications skills, but it’s also one of the quickest and easiest TV time replacements.

With all the extra time your child will gain, the possibilities are endless!

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