Your Guide to Sexy Arms

Young sporty woman in the gym centre.The days of twiggy arms are long gone, and good riddance! These arm-toning exercises beat starvation any day.

Arm-intensive aerobics. You want a cardio experience that not only builds core strength, but also gets your arms pumping. Kickboxing requires you to throw punches, uppercuts and jabs, while Pilates and yoga build upper body strength.

Free weights. Have fun with free weights like you always thought you shouldn’t. Try shoulder presses, curls and power-clean presses with a comfortable weight – it should feel easy to lift, but require balance and muscle control to perform each motion comfortably.

Body-weight routines. The easiest way to tone is to use your own body weight for resistance in your training. Think push-ups, arm circles, plank poses and any varieties thereof. You’ll work your core on your way to flab-free upper arms!

Finally, if you want to get your arms toned and keep them that way, think small. Whether with the bag of dog food or your groceries from the store, consider pushing yourself past the point of comfort to get your arms working after gym hours.

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